Session by session
cgeu 2019 conference Opener & key

junior common room
university college
15 kings college circle
Toronto ON
nichole leveck
& nazarene pope
radical walking tour:
university college (15 Kings College Circle) to the ontario institute of studies in education (252 bloor west)
session 1:
session 2:
#cgeu2019: evening program
session 3:
session 4:
session 5:
session 6:
Dinner & a movie
#CGEU2019 Evening program:
Opirg toronto anti-gallery at steelworkers hall (25 cecil street)
session 7:
session 8:
session 9:
session 10:
#cgeu2019 Evening program
whorestories: sex worker storytelling
dance party/solidarity fundraiser for incarcerated sex workers

sunday, august 18th
cgeu delegates meeting
junior common room, university college
university of toronto

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